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Terms and conditions


By the expression "Contract for on-line sales" we mean all sales/purchase agreements related to movables and tangible goods of Tisanoreica, entered into between said company and the FINAL CUSTOMER within the context of online orders by Pharmareed Co Inc. through the website.
By the expression "FINAL CUSTOMER" we mean the consumer (a physical person) who effects the purchase as per this contract for purposes which are unrelated to the business or commercial activity the customer might be engaged in.
The name "Pharmareed" designates the subject who carries out the sale of the goods which form the object of this contract.

Object of the contract
By this contract for on–line sales, Pharmareed sells and the FINAL CUSTOMER purchases at a distance the products indicated and offered on sale on the website“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”). The contract may be concluded only on the Internet with the FINAL CUSTOMER’s access to (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) and by a purchase order placed by the FINAL CUSTOMER according to the purchase procedures established on the site.
By virtue of the commercial policy followed by the company, Pharmareed shall not pursue or process any orders coming from other subjects than FINAL CUSTOMERS.

Conclusion and efficacy of the contract
A sale shall be deemed concluded with an e-mail message sent by the company to the CUSTOMER for confirmation of the order. This message shall contain the details of the FINAL CUSTOMER as well as those of the order placed, the price of the items purchased, any transport expenses due and the delivery address which shall be used for delivery of the goods. The FINAL CUSTOMER undertakes the responsibility to check the accuracy of the data provided in the e-mail message and to give prompt communication of any corrections which might be necessary.
Pharmareed undertakes the responsibility to describe and present the articles on sale on the site in the best possible way. In spite of this, it should be noted that some errors, imprecisions or slight differences might arise between the data provided on the site and the real product and that the photographs and images of the products displayed on (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) do not constitute an element of contractual significance as they are merely visual representations of the items on sale.
Pharmareed undertakes the responsibility to process the order in the manner established in article 8 below within 10 days* of the day after the order confirmation has been sent by GIANLUCA MECH.

* During Christmas and August some delay in deliveries may occur
The goods shall be sent and delivered by a forwarder and they shall be accompanied by the invoice for the purchase of the goods purchased.

Availability of products
Availability of products refers to their availability status when the FINAL CUSTOMER purchases the product. Availability, however, should only be considered merely indicative because a number of users may be visiting the site at a given moment and the products might be sold to others before the order is actually confirmed.
Cases of partial or total unavailability of the goods may arise even after the confirmation of order has been e-mailed by Pharmareed.


Form of payment
Payments by the FINAL CUSTOMER may only be effected by the credit cards and other methods listed on the www.italianhealthfoods.comcom (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”). Actual debiting of the amount due for the order shall only take place when the order has been completed and is ready for delivery.
All communications regarding payment or the data provided by the FINAL CUSTOMER when payment is effected shall be made on protected dedicated lines. Company has implemented safety protocols applicable in payment circuits.


All the sales prices of the products exposed and displayed on the website (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) are expressed in US dollars at the current rate of exchange in effect at the moment of the purchase.
Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price but are indicated and calculated the moment the purchase is concluded and before payment is affected.


The FINAL CUSTOMER accepts the right of Pharmareed to modify prices at any moment according to fluctuations in the exchange rate in effect at the moment of the purchase but the cost of the goods shall be invoiced with the prices shown on the website when the order was placed and later confirmed by the e-mail sent by Pharmareed as confirmation of the purchase order.
Any costs related to customs duties and taxes at the moment of the actual delivery of goods shall be borne by the FINAL CUSTOMER.

Form of delivery and invoicing
Pharmareed shall only accept orders which are to be delivered in the territory of the United States of America. For each order placed on the (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”), Pharmareed shall emit an invoice for the material delivered. This document is made available and printable when the order has been successfully placed. The invoice shall be issued with the data provided by the FINAL CUSTOMER during the purchase procedure. After the invoice has been issued it shall not be possible to modify in any way the data which appear on the invoice. During Christmas and August some delay in deliveries may occur.


Right to cancellation
To exercise in full and in a valid manner his right to cancellation, the FINAL CUSTOMER must meet the following conditions:
Delivery of the goods shall be regarded as effectively accepted if no claim has been filed for the goods with due communication within 15 working days of shipping by Pharmareed.
All regulations related to rescission are to be taken as applicable to the products which form the object of the sales contract in its entirety; consequently, the FINAL CUSTOMER has no right to cancellation of a partial portion of an order.
All goods returned have to be intact and in their original packaging. The packaging must not be damaged in any way and the goods must be accurately packed and aptly protected by cellophane.
The goods returned shall be accompanied by the relevant documentation and invoice.
Return of goods shall be at the expense of the FINAL CUSTOMER.
The FINAL CUSTOMER shall be entitled to receive the money back within 30 days of reception by Pharmareed of his communication to rescind the contract and forwarding costs will not be refunded.
Pharmareed does not answer in any way for damage, theft or loss of the products being returned, therefore, responsibility for all risks involved lies with the FINAL CUSTOMER.
In the event of receipt of products which are faulty or non-compliant with the order, the FINAL CUSTOMER shall communicate this by email addressed to Pharmareed within 30 days of discovering the fault or non-conformity under penalty of invalidation. Pharmareed reserves the right to check the non-conformity adduced and in case of confirmation they shall refund the money by crediting it on the credit card used by the customer for the purchase or by check or money order.


Disclaimer Of Warranties And Limitation Of Liability
Pharmareed assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any disservices attributable to circumstances beyond control (force majeure) or to fortuitous fact, even when these should be dependent on malfunctioning or disservices of the internet service, if the company cannot process the order in compliance with the timing set out in the contract.
Furthermore, Pharmareed shall not be responsible in any way for damage, loss or costs incurred by THE CUSTOMER due to failure to perform the contract for reasons not attributable to him. THE CUSTOMER shall keep his right to the whole refund for the price paid only.
Pharmareed assumes no responsibility for any illegal or fraudulent use which might be made by third parties of credit cards when effecting payment for the products purchased as long as THE CUSTOMER proves that he has adopted all the ordinary precautions required by the principles and practice of due diligence.
Availability of each article is merely indicative and has no contractual relevance. No responsibility shall be attributed to the seller in the event of one or more products being unavailable.
This site and all the information, content, materials, products and services included in it or otherwise made available to the FINAL CUSTOMER through the site (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) are provided by Pharmareed on an “as is” and “ as available” basis, unless otherwise specified in writing. Pharmareed makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) or the information, content, materials, products or services included in it or otherwise made available to FINAL CUSTOMER through the site, unless otherwise specified in writing. FINAL CUSTOMER expressly agree that your use of the site (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) is at your sole risk and peril.
To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Pharmareed disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Pharmareed does not warrant that the site (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”), their servers, or electronic communications sent from Pharmareed are free from viruses or from any other harmful components.
Pharmareed shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of the site (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) or from any information, content, materials, products or services included in it or otherwise made available to the FINAL CUSTOMER through the site, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages, unless otherwise specified in writing.


Access to the site
The FINAL CUSTOMER has a right to access the site for consultation purposes and to make purchases. No other use is permitted, especially of a commercial nature, of the site or of its content. The total integrity of the elements contained on the site, whether they be sound components or visual images, and the technology involved in them remain the property of Pharmareed and are protected by intellectual property rights.

The website (“Tisanoreica The Italian Comfort Food Diet”) uses “cookies”. These are electronic files which record information related to navigation of the site by the CUSTOMER (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.) which enable Pharmareed to make improvements and to offer its customers a more and more personalized service.

Confirmations of orders imply the CUSTOMER full acceptance of these general Sales Conditions, which are made up of the total number of clauses which form the contract. These conditions may be updated or modified directly by simply transcribing the new regulation(s) onto the site. Modification or updating shall be valid and effective for orders which have not yet been entered and for which the web page showing the order details has not yet been viewed or printed out.

Should one or more clauses of these General Sales Conditions be considered invalid or declared to be invalid as stated by law or by the regulations or following a decision by a Court with proper jurisdiction, all other regulations shall continue to retain their full efficacy and applicability.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
Any controversy or dispute arising as a result of the interpretation, application, performance or violation of this contract which should not be settled in a friendly manner shall be submitted for judgment to the exclusive competence of a court of law in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Privacy protection and treatment of data
Pharmareed safeguards the privacy of their own FINAL CUSTOMER and guarantees that the treatment of data is confidential and will not be sold, or otherwise transferred to third parties. This treatment is performed according to the manner of treatment applicable for the purpose of registering orders and activating the procedures related to proper performance of this contract and to all necessary communications, to the fulfilment of all obligations imposed by law and to allow effective management of the commercial relations in as far as these are necessary to perform the service required to the best of our capacity. These data may only be exhibited upon the request of the judicial authority or by other authorities legally authorized for the purpose. Communication of personal data by the FINAL CUSTOMER is a necessary condition for the proper and timely performance of this contract. Failure to communicate the data will prevent the company from processing the request of the FINAL CUSTOMER .

Security Policy
Pharmareed takes great care in protecting our customers’ personal information. Personal information transmitted through our website is done so using Secure Socket Layers. Other precautions are taken to protect against theft, loss and unauthorized use. However, no company can fully eliminate or protect against unauthorized access to one’s personal information. Pharmareed cannot therefore be held responsible for unauthorized use or access to personal information that has been supplied to us. Please help us to decrease the possibility of unauthorized use or access to your personal information by changing your passwords often (if applicable), using a combination of letters and numbers and by using a secure internet browser.