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Tisanoreica Phases

Three different phases are needed to follow the Tisanoreica™ Diet Protocol successfully

The timespan of the Tisanoreica™ Diet can vary, based on the amount of weight you wish to lose. Weight loss depends both on one’s body composition and each individual’s clinical situation. From studies carried out, it is possible to state that the average weight loss in the 7 days of the Tisanoreica™ Diet Intensive Phase is about 2.5 kg., almost exclusively of fatty tissue, while the muscle tissue remains virtually unaltered. Therefore, after following the basic protocol, which lasts 15 days in total (7 days of the Intensive Phase + 8 days of the Stabilizing Phase) a subject can expect an average weight loss of about 3-4 kg; at the end of the medium protocol, which lasts 30 days in total (14 days of the Intensive Phase + 16 days of the Stabilizing Phase) the weight loss is about 5-7 kg; and at the end of the shock protocol, which lasts 45 days in total (21 days of the Intensive Phase + 24 days of Stabilizing Phases) an average weight loss of about 8-10 kg. can be expected.

The Three Phases of the Tisanoreica™ Diet:

1. The Intensive Phase, the first phase of the Tisanoreica™ Diet, lasts for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 21 days and requires the total elimination of sugars, both simple and complex, and alcohol. In this phase, generally 4 Tisanoreica Alimentary Products (PATs) (18 grams of protein in each) per day in association with green vegetables, main protein courses (fish, meat, eggs) and functional Decottopia™ (water extracts with a draining, hepatic and tonic action). In this phase, the body, having very little sugar available as a metabolic fuel, goes into “ketosis”; in other words, it has to use body fat to synthesize the ketone bodies which can be used by the brain and muscles as an alternative energy source to glucose. During the Intensive Phase, the pancreas is allowed to rest, and this is an important factor, because, thanks to a diet which is high in ever more refined carbohydrates (sugar, white bread, pasta), this organ is continually overworked, having to produce large quantities of insulin to bring sugar levels in the blood back to normal.

2. The Stabilization Phase is the second phase of the Tisanoreica™ Diet, and requires the re-introduction of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (non-refined pasta, rice and cereals) into the diet after total abstinence from their consumption during the previous Intensive Phase in which they were suspended. Even during the Stabilization Phase, foods with a high glycemic index such as alcohol, simple sugars and fruit must be avoided. In this phase, the Tisanoreica™ Alimentary Products (PATs) are reduced to 2 a day and you continue to take the Decottopirics, which are the ‘green heart’ of the Tisanoreica™ Diet, and are necessary in this phase.

3. The Maintenance Phase is the third phase of the Tisanoreica™ Diet, in which you have to be careful about the quantity, but above all the quality of your calorie intake. This phase is very important because even if the Tisanoreica™ Diet is highly effective in maintaining weight loss long term because it preserves your lean body mass during the slimming process, it must not be thought of as a “vaccine” against obesity. During this phase, the diet indicates the most suitable Decottopirics to take and provides a balanced dietary chart – combining foods from the Tisanoreica™ Vita product line with high-quality, fresh and preferably seasonal foods - in order to maintain your figure, keep your appetite under control and continue to cleanse the organism.