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Tisanoreica Diet Method


At its essence, the Tisanoreica Diet is a low-carb, normal protein diet. The difference between The Tisanoreica Diet and other diet programs is how its patented herbal extracts control the appetite and stimulates the metabolism. As a result, you never feel tired or deprived on the Tisanoreica Diet.

The Tisanoreica diet program is based on centuries –old formula for herbal extracts, first developed during the Renaissance by the Mech family of Vicenza, Italy. Today, Gianluca Mech, the heir of the family tradition, has developed a unique, scientifically-tested weight –loss system that activates the metabolism thought these time-tested herbal extracts.

The diet incorporates specially prepared comfort foods like: pasta, pizza, sauces, breadsticks – even Tiramisu! – to preserve optimal health during the weight-loss phase of the program.

These are dishes coming from the Tisanoreica products line with all the wonderful flavor and taste of the traditional Italian cuisine but with one big difference: you can eat them and still lose weight. That’s why the Tisanoreica program has become known as “The Italian Comfort food Diet”.

The Tisanoreica diet program is a synergy of different products as: normal food you buy at supermarket, Decottopia Liquid Herbal Extracts and Tisanoreica special food. This synergy makes the diet easy, delightful and with a lot of different choices.