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What is the Tisanoreica™ Diet?

The Tisanoreica™ Diet is a patented program that uses natural herbal extracts as powerful active agents to stimulate your metabolism, detoxify your body and help you lose weight. These all-natural herbal extracts are found in the Tisanoreica™ Diet foods and Herbal Health Tonics (Decottopia). Through a three phase system, you will be combining into your diet these specially designed Tisanoreica™ brand product – drinks, sauces, pastas, cookies and so on – with foods that you normally buy at your local supermarket, including fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, eggs, olive oil and coffee or tea.

At its essence, theTisanoreica™ Diet is a low-carb, normal protein diet. The difference between The Tisanoreica™ Diet and other diet programs is how its patented herbal extracts control the appetite and stimulates the metabolism. As a result, you never feel tired or deprived on the Tisanoreica™ Diet.

How many pounds can I expect to lose after a week on Tisanoreica™ Diet Programs?

Exact weight loss is specific to each individual. However, on average, a person on the Tisanoreica™ Diet for 20 days can expect to lose between 7 and 10 pounds.

Where can I buy Tisanoreica™ Diet products?

Select Tisanoreica™ products are available for retail purchase currently in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas at the following locations:

Spazio Caffe'
Drago Bakery
Ferrarini Deli
Guidi Marcelli Co Ltd
Vincente Foods
Pacific Coast Greens
Montana Natural

In addition, the following restaurants serve Tisanoreica™ based specialties:

  • BEVERLY HILLS • Il Pastaio • Via Alloro • Euro Caffé
  • SANTA MONICA • Caffé Delfini • Bravo Cucina
  • MALIBU • Tra di Noi • Mangia • Gravina
  • CULVER CITY • Ugo Caffè LOS ANGELES • Il Grano • La Bottega Marino • Il Segreto Bel Air
  • DOWNTOWN • Drago Centro
  • WEST HOLLYWOOD • Osteria Gino Angelini • Pizzeria il Fico • Cafe Med • Amarone
  • BRENTWOOD • Toscana • Adoteca • Vincenti
  • WESTWOOD • Tanino • La Bruschetta
  • MALIBU • The Sunset RestaurantIl Pastaio


What are Tisanoreica™ Basic Portions?

Tisanoreica™ Basic Portions are an easy way to ensure that you are getting the required amount of amino acids (18 grams), herbal extractsand nutrients throughout the diet. These work together to preserve your body’s lean mass, aid digestion, absorb nutrients and burn calories. Tisanoreica Basic Portions come in envelope form (pre-measured Basic Portion) or can be made using specific measurements  of Tisanoreica™ foods.

How do the Herbal Health Tonics work?

Tisanoreica™ Herbal Health Tonics contain powerful herbs that work with the Tisanoreica™ Diet food products to stimulate your metabolism and promote weight loss. Each tonic formulation contains at least 10 herbs, which work in synergy with one another to achieve the desired effect, such as slimming or energizing. These are necessary to consume throughout Phase 1 - Intensive, and Phase 2 - Stabilizing.

What is the difference between the Tisanoreica™ Diet Kit and purchasing the products individually?

The Tisanoreica™ Diet Kit is a pre-packaged kit that contains the required number of Basic Tisanoreica™ Portions in envelope form and Herbal Tonics needed to complete either the Intensive or Stabilizing Phases of the diet. Products purchased individually include other foods that total up to one Basic Portion, such as the Tisanoreica™ Pasta and Choco Mech Dark Chocolate Cookies. Individually purchased products are recommended for the Maintenance phase of the diet as well.

Can anyone be on Tisanoreica™?

Before starting any diet program, you should always consult your medical professional. Please note, customers who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, diabetic, or have liver or kidney issues or other health ailments must consult with their physician before beginning the diet.

Will I ever feel tired or deprived while on Tisanoreica™?

The Tisanoreica™ Diet is designed so you don’t feel tired or deprived. However, in the first few days of the diet, your body is entering a form of ketosiswhich is an accelerated use of body fat for energy. For some people this may cause a temporary feeling of fatigue,fatigued, but this will go away as you continue the diet.

Can I eat foods from other diet programs while on the Tisanoreica™ Diet?

The Tisanoreica™ Basic Portions use a specific combination of natural herbs that work as powerful active agents in your weight loss. It is important to remember that you will not find these ingredients and components in any other diet program, and they cannot be substituted with other products that you may find, even if they may seem similar. These products are required in order to achieve your ideal weight.

Can the Tisanoreica™ Diet interfere with medications that I am taking?

Yes, the Tisanoreica™ Diet may interfere with your medications. You should always consult with your physician before beginning any diet program.

What if I have other questions about the Tisanoreica™ Diet?

Yes, our trained staff are available for complimentary consultations on any aspect of your diet. You can reach them either by the chat link on our website ( or by email.

*The Tisanoreica Activator is a mix of eight plants (Papaya, Pineapple, Mallow, Star Anise, Fennel, Artichoke, Dandelion, Senna) the properties of which are to promote proteolytic activity, increased availability of nutrients, the stimulation of digestive and liver secretions and improved peristaltic activity on the intestines. The acceleration and increased efficiency of the digestive processes makes it possible to have a normal protein intake, which allows amino acids to be readily available to the organism, hence reducing the demands made on the liver and kidneys.